Our Why

They say it’s a good place to start

Our mission at AIRE is to help real estate agents realise their potential as agents by maximising the value of the data they hold in a CRM, primarily through our digital employee platform, RITA.

Through the speed and capability of RITA’s artificial intelligence, we help agents by analysing vast quantities of data and synthesising it with third party data relating to the marketplace where they work.

We deliver opportunity to the real estate industry.

Our Story

Here are the awesome nerds responsible for RiTA

Ian Campbell

Founder, CEO and RiTA’s Dad

In creating RiTA, Ian’s mission is to help real estate agents solve the problem of scale by providing them with a tool for smarter work that harnesses the power and the value of data, that is often an underutilised asset in a real estate business. Ian has an unmatched understanding of the data flow in the Australian and New Zealand real estate industry with analyst, growth and engagement positions at the very peak of the industry. Very serious about the work but not serious about himself, Ian is peerless in experience and wisdom for anyone that wants to understand the possibilities that exist in data.

Sarah Bell

Co-Founder and RiTA’s Mum

My job is to help raise RiTA so that she is a thing of value to agents. My role makes me responsible for the reputation of the brands (AiRE and RiTA), to provide story, to create new customers and to engage with industry to ensure we are creating a solution that the industry needs and loves to use.

Sarah has emerged as a highly sought after speaker and panellist on the intersection of artificial intelligence and human systems in real estate. Sarah is passionate about helping agents and organisations to understand this new technology, simply, so they can make confident and informed decisions about how to adapt to a future of work where human and digital resources collaborate.

Nicholas Achilles

Technical Lead and Rita’s Uncle

My job is to teach RiTA how to do things that help agents and to ensure that she is capable of doing her job.

Dan Mitchell

Senior Engineer and RiTA’s Uncle

My job is to teach RiTA how to do things that help agents and to ensure that she is capable of doing her job. I also make sure she can talk to other systems.

Joshua Ward

Automations Expert and RiTA's Uncle

My job is to teach RiTA to do things automagically, set up new RiTA's and help out with support to ensure that all of the RiTAs are playing nicely with their humans.

Tim Van Der Horst

Front End Developer and RiTA’s Uncle

My job is to build the screens and components that RiTA users interact with, essentially connecting real estate agent’s daily work to RiTA big brain.

Jon Coates

Ux/Ui Designer and RiTA’s Uncle

My job is to design a fantastic user experience in RiTA so that she is intuitive and fun, making agents more productive.

Ric Fry

Product Owner and RiTA’s Uncle

My job is to create documentation and intelligence around RiTA functions so that we can teach her to do the right things in order of priority and to see where she can improve her performance.

Fiona Maraca

Head of Customer Success and RiTA’s Aunt

Fiona is a customer-focused leader who works closely with diverse individuals and businesses to deliver quality products, service and support that accommodates their needs, offers value for money and allows them to reach their potential. Drawing on her technical expertise she helps clients identify and rectify software issues as well as understanding the best way to optimise software and systems to add value to their business.
With more than 10 years’ experience in business and property management, Fiona bring relevant contextual knowledge and uses a client-focused model to deliver the best possible sales outcomes and effectively grow businesses.

Tristan Lovell

Growth Specialist and RiTA’s Uncle

Tristan joins AiRE with deep roots in the realm of real estate technology solutions.He is entrepreneurial business builder, passionate about working with people on leveraging technology and talent to achieve their personal and business goals.

Please reach out to me if you would like to be introduced to RiTA and how she can help you smash your goals in 2020 and take advantage of the most exciting tech in the Real Estate industry. AI is the future.

0423 111 132

Amy Morrison

Customer Success and RiTA’s Aunt

My job is to help our customers with RiTA set-up and ongoing support to ensure that she is working well.

Matt Tucker

Software Engineer and RiTA’s Uncle

My job is to help teach RiTA how to do new things.

Stephanie Molenaar

Customer Success Manager and RiTA’s Aunty

An experienced and mature Customer Success professional. Committed to providing value and building authentic and lasting relationships with our RiTA customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

John Smith

AiREsourcing Leader and RiTA's Uncle

I have been in the real estate industry close to 20 years, and have the grey hairs to prove it. Holistic database management is my passion (yes it’s a thing, sad but true) but as a result, I can help you get the best out of your client database with effective contact and relationship management. After all, we are actually in the relationship industry, we just sell real estate as well. Let me help you get through more front doors where you can do what you do best, and start living the life you want to live!

Brianna Harney

AiREsourcing Leader and RiTA's Aunty

Zsa-Zsa Piercy

AiREsupport and RiTA's Aunty



I patrol the office and I woof at delivery people.

Chris Poli

Software Engineer and RiTA’s Uncle

Want to join The AIRE Force?

We are currently looking for these kinds of humans.


If you are excited by connecting cool stuff (like RITA) to people who need cool stuff (like Real Estate Agents), then we should talk – confidentially, of course.

You can find out a bit about us by reading this web page, paying particular attention to the awesome nerds who you’ll be working with above.

We will need to know a bit about you so send a resume and some words to ian@getaire.com.au and we’ll be in touch.

RITA on The Road

We love taking Rita on tour, whether that’s
catching up with clients or making new friends.



OBrien Real Estate – Melbourne
5-6 February 2020

The Work Shop Ft Tom Panos – Sydney
24 February 2020

The Work Shop Ft Tom Panos – Auckland
27 February 2020

The Work Shop Ft Tom Panos – Brisbane
28 February 2020


The Work Shop Ft Tom Panos – Perth
3 March 2020

The Work Shop Ft Tom Panos – Adelaide
4 March 2020

The Work Shop Ft Tom Panos – Melbourne
5 March 2020

Jess Densley Intensive – Melbourne
5 March 2020

REIQ Summit – Brisbane
12 and 13 March 2020

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