Frequently Asked Questions

What is RiTA?

RiTA is an Ai-powered lead generation and automation platform that enhances your data with various data sources, lets you segment your database and enables valuable conversations. RiTA uses a variety of Ai techniques to generate leads from your database, automate tasks and hyper-personalise conversations. RiTA also helps improve the quality of your data.

What does RiTA do?

RiTA helps you have valuable conversations with people. She finds the best opportunities in your CRM and creates call lists and recommends discussion topics for you to action. She also responds to buyer enquiries via email and has 2-way SMS conversations with prospects.

RiTA makes lead generation and lead qualification easy. With automation, she does the groundwork for you on autopilot so you just need to call the top prospects and do what you do best, list and sell.

What if I don’t have time to make phone calls and just want to list and sell?

That’s not a problem. Many of our customers hire our team of local, real estate trained telemarketers to manage lead generation, qualification and nurture relationships. For more information on AiRESourcing, click here.

How does RiTA work with my CRM?

RiTA is tightly integrated with your CRM. She imports and analyses any changes to data generally within 24 hours. Also, whenever you action an opportunity (eg. add a call note), the data will go back to your CRM against the contact.

A list of RiTA’s integrations is available here.

I use tasks to manage my database nurturing. How will RiTA work with these tasks?

If you’re already a CRM task-master, never fear. RiTA considers a future pending task as an indicator that you have the contact relationship under control and that the next best touchpoint is already established – therefore, no prediction needed.

However, sometimes, RiTA will see something in your data that may be a better reason to call. For example, if their property has just been listed for rent. In these scenarios, she will largely ignore that you have a future pending touchpoint defined and will create an opportunity.

How safe is my data?

Very safe. We don’t store your password, we just get a secure authorisation token which you can remove at any time. We will never sell or share your data with anyone outside of your account. We even got rid of passwords for our login process, as these are generally the weakest link to any software security. Instead we use “passwordless” authentication to ensure the security of your data.

How do I log in?

Generally, RiTA will send you an authenticated link which will log you in automatically every time she sends you an email. But if you want to access the system at any time, you can generate a new login link at

What do I do if I get an error?

Depending on the error message you are receiving there could be a couple of different issues. The easiest and simplest way to solve them is to generate a new login link at

If you still experience issues, you can shoot us an email and we will investigate for you. Keep in mind that login links are only valid for 24 hours, so always make sure you are using the last link sent to you.

How much does RiTA cost?

Please contact us to discuss pricing.

How do I get help?

RiTA has human supervisors that can assist you when needed. Just email