RiTA Case Study

Barry Plant Wantirna

It really hit home on how effective RiTA was when 30 SMS went out and I actually got 4 appraisals – just from those 30 messages!

Brett Smith
Partner / Licensed Estate Agent / Auctioneer
Barry Plant Wantirna

The Problem

A lot of agents don’t know who to call, when to call and the volume of calls it takes to find that one person who could potentially be selling.

The Solution

Adopting RiTA to do the heavy lifting. 

RiTA automatically finds and recommends people for Brett to call. By using the SMS conversations, everything becomes easier and faster.

Brett checks the SMS that are scheduled to go and removes the people he doesn’t want to contact as part of that campaign. Within 5 or 10 minutes, he usually gets the first responses in his inbox.

Why RiTA

RiTA brings the people to you as opposed to you having to find them with her Ai magic. Plus, she tells you who to call and when to call people in order to get the timing right in the seller’s journey.

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