RiTA Case Study

BresicWhitney, Sydney

BresicWhitney are a leading lifestyle property group in inner-Sydney, and in 2018 embarked on a data consolidation project to deliver a single customer view across all facets of their business.

RiTA’s artificial intelligence and analytic services have provided BresicWhitney’s strategic project team with previously unfounded insights, beginning to inform key tactical decisions for the business.

Will Gosse, Project Leader for BresicWhitney explains:

“We’re now able to make better decisions around our data, prioritising areas of attention, and ensuring lost opportunity is minimised.”

These insights include oversight as to contact ownership, data quality, data acquisition, geographic analysis and channel communication breakdown.

“We now understand how our team is working with clientele at scale, overlaying these insights with third-party market data that was previously tracked laboriously. RiTA is the “next-gen” link between a real-estate organisation, the market, the client, the property, and the transaction.”

RiTA has also been able to assist BresicWhitney with data hygiene and cleaning, ensuring new and existing data is simple, digestible, and well formatted.

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