RiTA Case Study

Harcourts Carrum Downs

Harcourts Carrum Downs started using RiTA late 2019. Director Troy Pullar and General Manager Vanessa Kupsch understood at that time the power of artificial intelligence and knew RiTA was going to help them grow their business.

“You are crazy if you are not using RiTA. With anything, you have to have a leap of faith to try Ai. To me, Ai has been doing all sorts of things for 10 years but our industry hasn’t grabbed hold of until recently.”

Vanessa Kupsch spent seven years as General Manager for Harcourts Victoria, assisting the business owners of Victorian Harcourts offices with their business planning, business system and structures, and staff recruitment processes. She has been with Harcourts Carrum Downs since day one of opening in 2001.

“We have had RiTA onboard for around 2 years. If we would have had her 2 years earlier, we would have got more business.”

Their Ai journey with RiTA

Harcourts Carrum Downs have an open database. Every day, RiTA serves the best people to call and tells their agents why they should pick up the phone. If one doesn’t make the call, someone else will.

The office started with RiTA’s call lists, allowing staff and agents to make relevant phone calls with recommended discussion topics. They recently turned on the automated, two-way SMS conversations.

Just like any tech-based platform, try it on a small portion of your database. Vanessa switched on the buyer nurturing SMS campaign which grabs information off buyers, obtains people’s new addresses, cleans data and archives people. Once she was confident with how RiTA’s SMS automations worked, she switched on the prospecting vendor campaign.

The flow from RiTA’s SMS conversation to sending an actual market report by email and having a relevant phone call with someone who has not been spoken to in months puts them back into being a trusted agent.

“Since we’ve turned on RiTA’s SMS automations, it’s been a game changer and unbelievable to see. The amount of interactions that we’ve had from a robot having a conversation with somebody, the amount of people wanting to engage and get updates that we haven’t spoken to has been unbelievable. It shocked me. The SMS automations have gone beyond anything I thought would be possible.”

Vanessa Kupsch
General Manager, Harcourts Carrum Downs

Just like another team member in the office

“63% of our appraisals last week came from RiTA’s call lists and SMS automations. That’s not relying on an agent in the office to pick up the phone and prospect.”

RiTA has made a massive difference in their productivity. People in their database are contacted every 3 months which means those relationships are nurtured a lot more.

Every agent in the Harcourts Carrum Downs office knows that RiTA feeds them new leads and they are grateful for it. That includes new agents that have just come onboard and were able to kickstart their career right away, getting new leads and turning them into listings.

“Nowadays with automations you’ve got to open your mind to it or you are going to be left behind.”

The collaboration between RiTA and the agents makes the conversations with their community hyper-relevant and builds trust. The conversations are about property anniversaries, just listed, just sold properties, market updates, auction invitations, etc.

Now, RiTA is part of Harcourts Carrum Downs team. She helps tidy up their CRM and prospect daily on behalf of the other agents.

“If we had to do a budget review, RiTA will be kept because she’s so valuable.”

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