RiTA Case Study

McGrath Estate Agents North Canberra

I ended up picking up 3 listings from actually 3 different RiTA features.

Sam Taylor
Sales Agent
McGrath Estate Agents North Canberra

The Problem

The McGrath Estate Agents North Canberra office wanted to give a lead generation tool to their sales team to help them in their day to day jobs. In Sam’s case, he was doing a lot of outbound calls to people in his business development area and handling the rejections himself.

The Solution

Use RiTA’s call lists and two-way SMS automations to smartly engage with contacts and generate extra leads. 

Sam got the digital assistant RiTA to prospect for him while he focused on servicing people who were interested in having a property conversation.

He had call lists made for him each day with the best people in his database to call and have relevant property conversations.

He also used RiTA’s automated two-way SMS conversations to engage with his contacts and generate appraisal leads.

Within two months, Sam picked up three extra listings from RiTA in addition to lots of appraisal leads.

Why RiTA

RiTA does it all for agents. She finds the best people in their CRM to talk to and provides call lists for agents to go through with relevant discussion topics. She also has automated two-way SMS conversations to further generate and qualify leads on autopilot.

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