RiTA Case Study

McGrath West, Northwest & Hawkesbury

RiTA’s automated SMS and the Ai – that has been a game changer in our business. It enables our data to have conversations that we’re not having… It provides an easier way of being able to connect with more people.

Kon Stathopoulos
Principal, Owner
McGrath West, Northwest & Hawkesbury

The Opportunity

“It’s a very simple practice that we’re in, but it’s not an easy practice”. Kon was looking to lighten the workload of his agents while still wanting to achieve more conversations, more appraisals and more listings.

The Solution

Generating revenue from the database

Kon is able to expand his reach, connect and rebuild trust with orphaned data using RiTA’s SMS conversations. Her automated, two-way SMS allow Kon and his team’s contacts to respond at their own pace and have a relevant conversation as she progresses them through her data cleaning journey. Once the relationship has been rebuilt and the contact is ready, RiTA escalates the warm leads to Kon’s agents.

Customisable conversation templates 

McGrath West, Northwest & Hawkesbury are able to stay top of mind with the community and remain the agency of choice. By running multiple campaigns through RiTA, Kon and his team are able to predetermine how often each contact is spoken to and can assure the relevancy of the topic. This removes the core reluctance an agent may have over who to call and what to say.

Why RiTA

Trust the process. Get results. RiTA provides structure and discipline for the way agents engage with contacts, helping them form quality relationships over time and allowing them the opportunity to win more business.

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