RiTA Case Study

Ray White, Mackay

RiTA joined the team in Ray White Mackay just after her first birthday in 2018. The team of great agents weren’t afraid to pick up the phone – they simply needed help with organising who to call and what to say, then getting the notes and information back in the CRM.

Understanding that an agent’s time is often spread across a variety of activities, the critical success of RiTA would be in identifying the best opportunities each day and prioritising those so that agents were spending their time in the most valuable way.

RiTA was employed to create optimised opportunities using data from the CRM, the marketplace and other sources. Each day, the agents of Ray White Mackay receive a list of opportunities to pursue, along with suggestions about a purpose for the connection. RiTA’s goal is to put the right contacts for the right reason at the right time.

The opportunities are delivered based on specific strategies designed to create engagement between agents and the best contacts from their CRM.

These include lead generation opportunities where new listings appear in the marketplace; buyer follow up, BDM lead generation strategies, and long term property owner communication.

By putting agents back in direct human to human contact with the people they already know, there has been a surge of new business.

In the first five months of RiTA delivering opportunity, agent Trevor Tippett says that RiTA has suggested around 40 opportunities that have gone on to list with Ray White Mackay as a direct result of RiTA’s recommendations.

“We have used RiTA in our business and in only a short time, there has been a dramatic change in how we work and for the better. RiTA helps us stay in touch, without having to put notes in the CRM and we are going into listing unopposed because we have regular contact with the right people. In the past 5 months, I believe there are about 40 listings that I can directly attribute to RiTA’s suggestions.”

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