RiTA Case Study

RE/MAX Xtra, Parramatta NSW

The team of real estate agents at RE/MAX Xtra is known for delivering exceptional results for Parramatta and surrounding areas. They are now going the extra mile with their service, centred around people, by leveraging Ai with RiTA.

Trying new tech

“I was excited about RiTA the first time I heard of her.”

Morris Short, Broker and Owner of RE/MAX Xtra, first heard of RiTA at a RE/MAX Broker Owner forum held in Manly back in August 2019. He was keen to try this new piece of Ai-powered software however at that time RiTA didn’t integrate with ReNet, his CRM.

Fast forward 18 months and the amazing humans behind ReNet and RiTA released the integration. As an early adopter of the RiTA x ReNet integration, Morris finally got to try RiTA and her Ai magic on his database. Now, RiTA is just like a member of his team and everyone in the office is excited about what she can do.

“We try to be on the cutting edge of everything we do, and having RiTA doing what she’s doing is just way cool, it’s sensational!”

“In setting up a business as I have, one tends to overlook one’s clients to an extent. They don’t get the attention that they should. My database has been a bit starved of attention here and there, it tends to get spasmodic attention when I have time for it. RiTA’s fixed all of that quite quickly.”

Morris Short
Broker & Owner, RE/MAX Xtra

Taking it to the next level

After a month of having RiTA, Morris noticed a difference straight away.

RiTA has been sending consistent appraisal leads to Morris to the point that he had to hire a personal assistant to do the follow ups.

“Out of the work RiTA’s generated, we now have somebody working for me, doing the management agreements to get them out there to start following up. So, it’s taking me personally to the next level.”

Morris isn’t the only one reaping the benefits of RiTA’s work. Everyone at the RE/MAX Xtra office is having a go, even those who aren’t very tech savvy are trying RiTA out and testing her SMS feature.

Generating leads with hyper-personalised SMS

RiTA is an Ai-powered lead generation and nurturing platform for real estate agents. Unlike other platforms, she can have two-way conversations with people via SMS.

Morris, who has been using RiTA the longest in his office, loves the SMS automation feature. He has run a few campaigns already:

  • Buyer nurturing – in this campaign, RiTA reaches out to the property buyer database and qualifies the buyers. She also uncovers buyers who are potential sellers.
  • Owner nurturing – in this campaign, RiTA engages with property owners who haven’t been engaged for a while and nurtures that relationship until they are ready to sell.

By having RiTA send 20 hyper-personalised SMS a day, Morris and his team get consistent qualified leads on autopilot, with minimal effort.

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