We’ve been thinking a lot about robots lately.  So much that so, that our own Robot – Rita, has become more like a colleague than a robot.  Since we gave our technology a name, it’s funny how humanising it has made it easier to comprehend it’s purpose.  Our goal for Rita is to become the world’s best real estate digital assistant.

We now talk about Rita as if she were a real person.  And all the things that Rita can do.  What did Rita learn today?  What will we teach her tomorrow?  What did Rita do today?  In fact, I talk about Rita so much that I think my wife may be getting jealous.  If you’ve seen the movie Her, it’s not quite that bad.  Yet.

So here’s our current list of all the things that we’d like Rita to do (eventually).  If you’ve got your own ideas, please contribute via the comments below.

  1. Respond to buyer enquiries automatically with inspection times and property information.
  2. Research a new contact’s property ownership.
  3. Send a follow up email to a buyer who I have not heard back from.
  4. Do a “Magic 50” campaign when I list a new property.
  5. Write a blog article about my recent sales.
  6. Create a facebook campaign for the property I just listed.
  7. Organise 3 quotes for a new maintenance request.
  8. Send a CMA to a past-buyer on the anniversary of their purchase.
  9. Add a contact to my CRM when I receive a new enquiry.
  10. Create a facebook campaign for the property I just sold.
  11. Send me an SMS if a contact clicks on a link in my eNewsletter.
  12. Send an email to buyer’s advising of a change to a property’s price.
  13. Suggest times for a private inspection based on my availability.
  14. Send a gift to a past seller on the anniversary of their sale.
  15. Post a suburb market update to my blog.
  16. Send me a text when a property is listed by a competitor that is linked to a contact in my CRM.
  17. Copy contact details from a spreadsheet in to my CRM.
  18. Send me a weekly summary of new listings by my competitor.
  19. Keep track of which buyer enquiries I have not yet followed up.
  20. Send me a list of potential sellers to call today and a reason why.

What do you wish Rita could do for you?