“You can’t make a fortune if you don’t make appointments” – Tom Panos

I’m here to help you do just that.

Unsure What To Really Do When Prospecting?

Well, you are not alone and I blame everything that has happened digitally in real estate over the past 10 years. We do so much on the screen and have had to learn so much about clicking software buttons – that we are a little out of practice when it comes to making friends and talking to people in the real world.

Here are the three factors that take any agent from cold to gold


This is a belief that you have the skills and ability to have great conversations with people in your database whom you may know – or maybe you need to know them better.

Self-efficacy is a real road-block for many people when it comes to consistent prospecting performance.

The trick is – that if you aren’t sure that you are at the cutting edge of what to say for your RiTA conversations – growth mindset says you can FIND your form through training and practice.


Self-confidence is a bit different than self-belief or self-efficacy. It is actually a ‘bet’ on your chances of being successful if you apply yourself to doing an activity.

The rationale of that makes sense when you think about how we protect ourselves from failure and social embarrassment. When we are not confident, meaning that we aren’t sure we’ll be successful if we try, then we tend to not do something.

Increased self-confidence comes from the following things:

  • Seeing other people do the activity and achieve their outcomes;
  • Trying the activity in a supported environment so that we can learn how to improve; and
  • Experiencing success for ourselves when we try.


This is about organising your time and committing to a habit that is going to help you repeat the activity.

The hard part, finding who to call and what to say is managed by RiTA, so really all that is left to do is to allocate time – call them sessions — where you can have your non-negotiable time dedicated to making your RiTA calls and connections.

A social environment – where you connect to other people conducting the same activity at the same time and place – can also have a meteoric effect on this key ingredient to performance. It’s why exercise boot camps and structured Gym formats have more effective than individual fitness efforts.