If you are like me, you are getting sick of the word ‘unprecedented’ and it got me thinking. As our real estate family in Melbourne head into Stage 4 lockdown – we DO have a precedent about how to best spend Stage 4. 

Proving that nice guys can finish first, Nick Lyus is one of Ray White Remuera’s leading sales agents and he joins us as the star of this edit bringing both tactical advice and hope as an agent who has lived through and flourished in isolation. 

Nick’s Highlights From Lockdown

  • The office sold 56 properties during the month of complete Stage 4 lockdown
  • Nick was one of the first people to sell a property in NZ in a completely virtual environment during lockdown
  • 80% of Nick’s business post-lockdown has come from referrals by people he spoke to during the isolation

Watch The Full Interview

30 minutes that will change the way you look at lockdown.

VIDEO: Nick Lyus from Ray White Remuera on Creating Luck in Lockdown. Interviewed by Sarah Bell



“You’ve got to take control of the situation. And you can’t have all the answers but you’ve just got to have some and you’ve got to have enough conviction for people to feel that trust and come with you.”


“Right now, it’s about empathy, it’s about trust, and it’s about leadership. At the moment, people don’t care about your days on market.”


“It’s really all about one line [of dialogue] and that is, “How are you?”… Just be real, just be present. Ask them how they’ve been affected by work; how are you exercising…just be a human with them.”


“We all just stuck together, and we had a plan, and we made it work.”


“What was normally a 5 minute conversation [with people from my database] actually became a twenty minute conversation just because people had more time; people were more concerned. A buyer might call you and the buyer would ask you how you are going and then you’d ask them…so it was a far more deeper conversation. The most important thing is not to worry about quantity – it’s all about quality.”


“Ten calls, or whatever your number is, just make sure they are all quality and make sure that you are ready to make the call yourself. Because if you are a bit agitated, or you’re on edge, or you’re not fully present, that comes across and you’ll feel worse after that call because you haven’t been fully present to it.”



“A really easy place to start is obviously all your current clients, but then people you have sold to say in your farm area 12 months ago, just ring them up and say… ‘How’s it going?’”


“By being a pillar and a supporter and a champion of what is going on in the community that is actually really powerful because you’ve got positive news stories to tell people. Wallowing around in the mire of ‘OMG they might never find a vaccine’ sort of thing – that chat is not helpful to anybody. Stop it straight away. You’ve just got to stay positive and inspire and encourage other people as well.”


“Between July and September, I’ll be selling 16 homes. And that ‘bounce’ basically has come from people I have stayed in touch with during the lockdown period but actually 80% of that business has come from referrals [based on the experiences I had connecting with people during lockdown].”