Customer experience (CX) is key to success and undoubtedly a top priority for businesses. CX is the customer’s perception of a business throughout all the aspects of the customer journey, from first contact to becoming a loyal customer. To provide a great CX and have a 360-degree view of your customers, you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Most real estate businesses have a CRM in place and too often they struggle with maintaining high-quality, accurate customer information. At AiRE, when we onboard a customer on RiTA the Ai lead generator, we start by analysing their CRM data. It’s a simple but effective exercise that helps us identify gaps and opportunities, and develop targeted data cleansing and lead generation campaigns.

The CRM is at the heart of your business and it gets more powerful when you integrate it with other platforms that add value to existing data. Integrate your CRM with RiTA and you will unlock the remarkable power of artificial intelligence and automation.

RiTA enhances CRM data with property data and market data. Based on her analysis she finds the best people to talk to in your CRM, making real estate prospecting way faster and easier. RiTA’s smarts don’t end here, she helps automate tasks that are manual and tedious as well as communicate with people in an intelligent and hyper-personalised way. Basically, RiTA qualifies leads for you, so you just need to chat to the people who are ready to sell, buy or rent now.

Back to the importance of accurate customer information in your CRM. Instead of keeping this information up-to-date manually, how about using AI and automation to do it for you? Let us give you two examples.

1) 40% of your contacts in the CRM don’t have an email address.

That’s a bugger, 40% of your contacts are not receiving your email marketing campaigns, and we know that email marketing is essential in real estate. You can either mail a flyer to their residential address or contact them on the phone. This is where RiTA comes in and makes your job easier. Run a targeted SMS automation campaign in RiTA that intelligently asks for your contact’s email address. Because RiTA is powered by AI, she can read and reply to text messages and update your CRM with the latest information.

2) 70% of your database haven’t been contacted in the last 12 months.

A disengaged database is a cause for lost opportunities. To tackle this problem, you want to be strategic about it i.e. sending a bulk email will probably result in more damage (unsubscribes) than needed. Having a personalisation strategy is mandatory if you want to deliver a good CX. Use RiTA to target specific segments of your database such as people who haven’t been contacted in the last 12 months and who live near a property that has just been sold. RiTA’s AI features will find people in your CRM who live near a ‘just sold’ property found in third party platforms like Realestate.com.au and Domain, and will suggest discussion topics. Pick up the phone and chat to them, outsource the calls to AiRESourcing who will do the lead qualification for you, or automate hyper-personalised emails or SMS.

Let us help you become more strategic with your CRM and turn it into a revenue generating machine. Contact us for more information about RiTA and AiRESourcing.