It’s quite common for humans to feel sceptical about robots and artificial intelligence. We’ve all watched movies where robots invaded Earth so your fears are not unfounded. Here’s the thing though, the amazing humans behind commercial robots built these solutions to help other humans with tedious, sometimes dangerous tasks.

In the construction industry, robots help with quality assurance by finding cracks in concrete slabs and/or getting to places hard to access by humans. In manufacturing, robots handle dangerous and tedious tasks such as carrying and assembling heavy loads that humans would have a hard time doing.

Robots aren’t scary and they are not going to replace you. They’ve been built with the mission to help you focus on the things that matter more.

Take RiTA, our lead generation and nurturing robot for real estate. She loves helping real estate agents focus on listing and selling, that’s why she assists them in prospecting their database.

By letting RiTA do the groundwork and engage with cold contacts in their database, separating the cream from the crop, agents only need to call the best people that she flags to them, those who want to transact now. In other words, RiTA helps agents do what they do best, list and sell. The rest can be automated at an affordable cost and will save significant time and effort!

For more information about RiTA and her Ai applications in real estate, register to our upcoming live webinar on Wednesday 28th April 2021 at 12.00pm AEST.