Having a balanced life is often said to be the key to happiness. As we thrive to find happiness, we have to learn to balance things out.

Technology has become predominant at home and at work, client expectations are rising, competition is tougher, the list goes on and we find ourselves in a more than ever stressful environment.

When COVID-19 hit and we were forced to work from home, the line between work and personal life became even blurrier. The balance was off. More than 12 months have passed and we have (kind of) learned to re-equilibrate the balance, though some things still have room for improvement.

The real estate industry is centered around people, providing the best service possible to people who are looking to buy, sell, invest or rent. Building trusted relationships takes time and effort, thus you’d want to be in a good, balanced place yourself to be able to provide the best service to your clients.

To achieve a balanced life in real estate, you’ve got to look at digital technology that can help you do the things you don’t have time to do. In other words, you’ve got to look at RiTA.

RiTA is an Ai-powered robot that helps real estate agents engage with their contacts and generate leads. She works for the agent as a digital assistant, doing time-consuming tasks that you don’t have time to do. Things like creating a daily list of people to call with the most relevant discussion topic based on their information and the market, or starting hyper-personalised conversations via SMS to re-connect with people who haven’t been contacted in more than three, six or twelve months.

Robots and humans together achieve greater things, and when you find the right balance between the two, your work and personal life balance will get better consequently.

Say goodbye to procrastination when it comes to prospecting as RiTA gives you a controllable list of people to call with personalised topics to discuss. AiRESourcing will make the calls on your behalf if you wish, so you only have to talk to the people who want to transact immediately.

Say hello to a memorable brand and name on the market as RiTA engages with your contacts by having automated and hyper-personalised 2-way SMS conversations. She generates and qualifies leads for you on autopilot. You only have to call the best, the rest is automated.

Tune in to our webinar ‘How to use SMS effectively to generate more leads and listings’ on Thursday 10th June 2021 as we invite McGrath North Canberra Sales Agent Sam Taylor to share his experience with robot RiTA.