The days are gone when it was “nice to have” emerging technologies in the office. Artificial intelligence (Ai), 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, robotics and more are all slowly becoming solutions that are easier to access. Businesses are investing in one or more emerging tech to gain competitive advantage. The real estate industry is no different.

The market is hot. A seller, buyer or investor could be in talks with at least three different agents. It is a competitive market and you know it comes down to providing the best service to people at the right time.

Catching the right people at the right time is challenging if you are doing this manually every day. It takes a lot of time to give the best experience to current clients to maintain a positive, long-term relationship so consequently the prospecting side of the job is often pushed back. We are humans after all so when we juggle between too many tasks, we lose focus.

That’s when you know Ai-powered solutions like RiTA are no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have to stay competitive.

RiTA can become a new member of your team or your personal assistant. She does the groundwork for you so you can stay focused on the people who are ready to transact now.

1. She connects to your CRM and enhances your data

First of all, there is no double handling with RiTA. She synchronises contacts and notes to the CRM so no data is missed. Plus, she adds third party data to the mix: realestate.com.au, Domain, Pricefinder, Zango and of course, Ai. She rates your contacts and identifies gaps. With her help, your data will become cleaner and better, perfect to generate more leads from.

2. She finds the best people in your database to call

RiTA provides you with different types of call lists. She looks at what is happening in the market and details in each of your contacts, matching the two together to serve you a list of people who are most likely to be interested in having a property conversation with you. E.g. a property has just been sold in their street, would they like an updated appraisal of their property.

3. She engages with your forgotten contacts by having automated two-way SMS conversations

Make the most of Ai and automation by letting RiTA have SMS conversations with contacts who haven’t been engaged for more than 3, 6, 12 months. The conversations that RiTA have are always hyper-personalised with a relevant property topic, e.g. following up a buyer on a property enquiry, or wishing a happy property anniversary.

When humans and Ai-powered robots work together, they can achieve greater things. With RiTA, agents become more productive and stay focused on providing the best service to clients in order to build trusted, long-term relationships. Meanwhile, RiTA continuously engages with forgotten contacts which in return generates leads, updates / cleans the data, or keeps the agent’s name top of mind with sellers, buyers or investors.

If you are ready to use Ai in your business, please contact us here. We will help you maintain or gain competitive advantage.