The cleaner your data, the more sales opportunities you will get. To break down this concept and understand the value behind clean data, let me ask you two questions:

  1. How many contacts do you approximately have in your CRM?
  2. And if you had to guess, how many of those would you consider to be ‘good’ data?

Often, the percentage of ‘good’ data would be less than 40% of the total number of contacts. As long as you are aware of it, you can work on increasing that percentage with RiTA and AiRESourcing.

The most valuable and underrated asset that exists in most real estate agencies is the data in their CRM. And we know that a messy CRM is a source of missed opportunities.

When RiTA plugs into our new customers’ CRM, we do an analysis on their data. This exercise helps them identify gaps and opportunities.

Most agents focus on new leads and current clients that they forget about the contacts that exist in their database. As such, when we look at how often they engage with their database, we often see what we call “the big red”.

Anyone looking at these graphs would guess that there are a lot of opportunities missed with the people who haven’t been engaged with for more than 120 days, or worse, never.

So, you have to find ways to engage with contacts in the big red. You can’t do it yourself because you are already time poor servicing your current clients. You could hire a personal assistant but will they know who to contact and what to talk about without spending their time doing the research? Your best bet is to get RiTA and AiRESourcing.

RiTA plugs into your CRM and finds the gold in your database. She will bring out people you have forgotten about and give you relevant discussion topics so you can re-engage with them at a personal level. She will have automated two-way SMS conversations for you so all you need to do is follow up on the leads (view our infographic).

AiRESourcing is our team of real estate trained lead generators who make calls on your behalf. They will qualify leads and get you in the doors of more people.

With RiTA and AiRESourcing, you not only get more leads, you also improve your database with updated data. Thus, the quality of your data will look a bit more like this:

As you go through your forgotten data, you will uncover new opportunities and build your pipeline with more listings.

If you are interested in RiTA and/or AiRESourcing, contact us via this form.