People always have their mobile phones with them and the statistics on SMS consumption speak for themselves: 98% of SMS are read, with 90% of those being within the first 3 minutes of sending. Compared to an email that has an open rate of 20%, you can see why SMS marketing is growing fast.

The real estate industry is actually quite advanced in that space with RiTA being able to have automated two-way SMS conversations. Companies in other industries would use one-way SMS to send offers, similar to bulk email marketing. The reality is that SMS are personal and you need to send hyper-personalised content to your recipients.

How do real estate agents do it? Well, of course you can type an SMS manually advising the latest market activity to a property owner that is in your database but who has time to do that 10 or 20 times a day? That wouldn’t be a good use of your time. You could, like other industries, send one-way, bulk SMS to your contacts but let’s be honest, that wouldn’t be the best way to engage with your community and you don’t want to be labelled a spammer. The most effective way to use SMS is to automate and send limited, targeted messages to your contacts about a specific property topic that is relevant to them.

To your property owners whom you haven’t engaged with for more than 6 months, let RiTA tell them about a property near their house that has just been sold and ask if they want an updated market appraisal. To your buyers whom you haven’t talked to in the last 30 days, let RiTA ask them about their purchasing journey. To your new buyer leads who have enquired on a property you have listed, let RiTA get their buying requirements on your behalf.

These specific, moment SMS that are hyper-personalised to each recipient will get you in the door of the people who want your help and property expertise. The best thing is that everything is automated, meaning you as the agent don’t have to lift a finger at all during those conversations. RiTA will have the conversation on your behalf and will notify you of the outcome, whether it be an appraisal lead, an investor lead, data updates to your CRM or an unsubscribe.

Here is Sam’s story, he won two listings off the back of RiTA’s automated, two-way SMS conversations:

So, why do you need to get into the automated SMS conversation game? The answer is simple, you are putting your prospecting on autopilot and getting consistent results out of it.

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