Are you new in real estate and just starting your sales career? How are you going with prospecting?

Most new agents find prospecting challenging as they don’t know who to call and what to say. Without any background information on a person, building a new relationship over the phone can be hard.

Instead of blindly calling people in the database, losing motivation after multiple rejections whilst hoping to find the one that wants an appraisal, make use of the technology that is available to save your time and energy with quality phone calls.

Our 3 step prospecting plan for new real estate agents has worked for many of our customers, let’s go through those steps in detail:

1) Do your calls, no excuses

New leads don’t fall from the sky, you have to make it happen and consistently prospect. The difference here is that instead of blindly calling people in the database without any background information, you are leveraging artificial intelligence to surface the best people to call with the most relevant discussion topics.

In this first step, new agents who use RiTA save so much time and energy by using custom made prospecting call lists. RiTA plugs into their CRM and enhances the data with realestate.com.au, Domain and Pricefinder data. Through Ai algorithms, she finds the best people in the database to talk to and provide the most relevant property discussion topics.

The call lists in RiTA are focused on personalisation and quality conversations. By going through one or two call lists every day, new agents are positioning themselves as smart advisors who know exactly what is going on in the market. Those interested in selling will be more inclined to trust and work with them.

So, set aside a few hours each day to go through RiTA’s prospecting call lists, build your pipeline and start listing.

2) Once you start getting listings, automate buyer responses

Your days will become much busier with several listings to manage. Before you get overwhelmed with administrative tasks and replying to each and every enquiry while consistently prospecting, you need to be smarter with your time and automate a few things.

Your quick win is to automate buyer enquiry responses. Implement these two automations for better time savings and customer service:

  1. Automate your email reply with an information pack on the property

It is important to acknowledge a buyer enquiry coming via email which is why you should automate your first reply to show the buyer that you are there to help them. The automated buyer enquiry response could include more information about the property and provide further details such as open inspection dates, council rates and water rates.

  1. Automate a two-way SMS conversation to qualify buyers

In addition to the email, qualify your buyers via automated, two-way SMS conversations. People are always on their phones and will most likely reply to your SMS especially when it follows one of their enquiries. RiTA can have that conversation on your behalf with her Ai and automation powers. She will engage with your buyers and find out if they are first home buyers, investors or property owners who need to sell before buying. She will also collect their buyer requirements for you to add in your CRM.

The conversations that RiTA has with buyers on behalf of agents save a significant amount of time and show a high level of customer service.

3) When you are too busy listing and selling, outsource your prospecting calls

This is the last step of the plan and at this stage you would have a decent amount of listings to manage which would take up a lot of your time. As you get busy listing and selling, you have less time to go through RiTA’s prospecting call lists. This is when you can turn to AiRESourcing, our team of local, real estate trained telemarketers.

AiRESourcing makes the calls that you don’t have time to make. The team prospects on your behalf and consistently generates leads so you don’t have to worry about your future pipeline. The key here is consistency and relationship building. AiRESourcing does that for you so you can focus on your current clients.


If you are at the beginning of your real estate career, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss how RiTA and AiRESourcing can help you become a million-dollar agent!