If there is one thing property owners want to know, it is the value of their property. And one way to get their attention with hyper relevant content is to leverage market reports.

Share your knowledge of the local market with your community, impress your contacts with details on recent sales, median sale and rental prices. People might not buy or sell immediately after receiving your update but they will have your name top of mind when the time comes. Better, they will refer you to their friends, family and neighbours for the service you offer as a trusted advisor.

At AiRE, we see market reports as a topic of conversation that builds trust. Hence why we have incorporated that information into RiTA, our lead generation robot. The market report topic is perfect for engaging with your old contacts, those who haven’t been spoken to in over 6 months.

Use market reports in a phone call

RiTA produces call lists of the best people to talk to based on many factors, alongside the most relevant topics to discuss. She recommends just sold, just listed properties that are near the contact’s property and shows the latest market report data from Domain for that suburb.

When you pick up the phone, position yourself as a trusted advisor and share your knowledge of local property trends. The person on the other side of the phone might want to know how much their property is worth.

Use market reports in SMS automation

RiTA is known for having automated two-way SMS conversations with people on autopilot. Why not schedule an SMS conversation that engages your contacts at scale? Here is an example of a market report conversation by RiTA:

Through this SMS conversation, RiTA identified that Maria was interested in the market status and potentially thinking of selling. RiTA warmed up this contact and you can follow up with a call to check whether she needs more information on her property.

Use market reports in email

Following a recent phone call or SMS conversation, you can send a full market report via email to your contacts. Whether it is a one on one email or a bulk email (newsletter), the branded email can have the following information:

  • Recent number of sales
  • Median sale price
  • Median rental price

Make sure to include a call to action at the end such as “please let me know if you would like to know what your property is worth”.