We know it’s a crazy hot market and hundreds, thousands of buyers are looking to purchase a property. Whether you are a single agent, have an assistant or a team to support you, the number of enquiries and qualifications you need to address for a single listing is probably humongous.

Can a single agent respond to all incoming enquiries and call back open home attendees? No.
Can an assistant manage all buyer enquiries for multiple listings? Yes but it will take a lot of time to go through the volume, and that’s to the detriment of other jobs she needs to do.
Can a team handle new and existing buyers, filter out appraisal opportunities for the listing agent? Yes for sure, as long as a good process is in place.

If you are a single agent, or only have one PA to help you, keep reading.

There are 3 simple ways you can implement in your business to better manage the volume of buyer leads you receive whilst keeping a premium service level.

Automate the response to email enquiries with a good information pack

This one is actually an easy win. Buyers who request more information on a property via Domain and Realestate.com.au get an automated reply with the most up-to-date information pack.

HOW: Solutions like RiTA allow you to automate a branded email reply with documents from your CRM. As long as RiTA, your CRM and the real estate portals are connected (which is given with RiTA’s integrations), the whole process is done for you.

BENEFITS TO YOU: You save time as you don’t need to reply to each enquiry (let’s be honest it would take you a while in this current market). You weed out the buyers who just wanted some information and take over the conversations with the more serious ones.

BENEFITS TO THE BUYERS: They get what they ask for straight away. That’s definitely a bonus point for you as they experience first hand your high level of service.

Would you like to set this automation up? Contact us and we’ll give you a hand.

Qualify the new buyers via SMS, again with automation!

When used correctly, automations are the best at saving one’s time and boosting one’s productivity. This SMS automation will make you wonder why you are still doing things manually.

While email automation is good to acknowledge a new buyer and provide some basic information on a property. It is a one-way communication. With SMS automation, we are taking it to the next level. We are talking about automated, two-way SMS conversations.

HOW: RiTA sends a personalised SMS to the buyers and qualifies them on your behalf via a series of predefined questions.

BENEFITS TO YOU: You don’t have to lift a finger, again more time savings! The buyer qualification is done for you so you simply need to call those who need to sell (an appraisal lead) or pass on an investor lead to your property management colleagues.

BENEFITS TO THE BUYERS: They get a personalised SMS from you which shows that you care about them. Let’s be honest, buyers don’t get the attention they want these days because agents are SO busy. Yet, do you really want to leave them hanging while you have a great opportunity to build a new relationship?

Leverage automated SMS conversations to build more relationships. Let us know when you want to get started.

Outsource the calls

It’s that simple. You’re busy, you don’t have enough time to call buyers back. Well, just outsource the job. There are plenty of solutions like AiRESourcing that can make phone calls on your behalf.

HOW: We have your list of buyers, let AiRESourcing handle the calls. Our real estate trained telemarketers will qualify them on your behalf and nurture your relationships.

BENEFITS TO YOU: You have peace of mind that buyers are being called by people who have been trained in real estate. You get new seller and investor leads, have clean data entered into your CRM, and build new relationships that can be nurtured over time.

BENEFITS TO THE BUYERS: They get a phone call from someone in your team (as part of the script, our AiRESourcing will tell them that they work for you) and already feel the special care that you provide to your clients. That’s a competitive advantage against all the other agents who couldn’t even pick up the phone.

Interested in outsourcing buyer qualification? Reach out to our AiRESourcing team.