What makes you different from another agent? It is the relationship you build with people. A relationship that is built on trust, by having great conversations over time.

A great conversation is defined as an informative, honest discussion between two or more people. Through a great conversation, a valuable connection is created. When people buy and/or sell properties, they want to do it with someone they trust, someone who cares about them.

Creating one-on-one relationships takes time and effort. When your database grows and you have thousands of contacts, it is impossible to maintain a valuable relationship with each person manually. This is where RiTA plays an important role.

RiTA is the Ai-powered digital assistant that generates consistent leads and helps nurture your relationships. As a smart robot, she is capable of having multiple automated, hyper-personalised SMS conversations with your contacts over the long term.

Think about how many calls you have to make in a day and how many times you have to contact a person to nurture that relationship. RiTA can have more conversations than you and build the trust you seek with each person in your database, over time, through automated nurturing plans. You won’t have to pick up the phone until they are ready to talk real estate with you.

Let’s take your property owners for example. Instead of giving them a call once a year or sending them weekly e-newsletters that never get opened, you can automate a series of SMS conversations that are hyper-relevant to each recipient.

Nurturing your relationships over time ensures you get in the door of the right people, at the right time. Consistent prospecting will pay off when you maintain brand awareness with frequent engagement.

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