No matter how many years in real estate you’ve got under your belt, prospecting never stops and engaging with your old and new contacts should also never stop. Unfortunately, engaging with old contacts is often put aside due to lack of time. We understand, you are busy. You have current vendors to service and new buyers to manage. How can you find the time to contact people in your database that have been added years ago?

Firstly, we want you to know that old data matters. Keeping a relationship with old contacts in your database is very important because:

  • If they were added as buyers, it’s very likely that they are now property owners. Knowing their new situation will help you uncover:
    • Potential sellers – They purchased and are now looking for a change
    • Potential investors or landlords – They have capacity to purchase another property
    • Current buyers – If they haven’t found a property yet, get their latest buyer requirements and send anything that matches
  • If they were added as property owners, they could be looking to sell soon. We know that 5% of property owners in any database will sell within 12 months. These owners exist in your database so you should get in the door before competition.

Now that we have established that there are gold opportunities in your database, let’s go through the three activities we recommend you do as soon as possible, to avoid missing out on listing and rental opportunities. Hint: the key to productive contact engagement lies in artificial intelligence and automation.

1 – Keep sending your weekly / monthly listing and market update emails

Emails are rarely opened but they keep your brand in the mind of your recipients. If they feel like checking what’s happening in the market, they will open your email.

2 – Start automating personalised, two-way SMS conversations

SMS is the most engaging communication channel that is available at your fingertips. With RiTA, you can automated hyper-personalised, two-way SMS conversations with your contacts that drive appraisal, investor, landlord and buyer leads. The power behind two-way SMS automations is that you don’t have to do anything. Simply let RiTA have those conversations on your behalf and prospect your database. By having frequent conversations, she ensures you keep in touch with your contacts and nurture your relationships whilst building trust and positioning you as the local real estate advisor.

3 – Follow up the conversations with a phone call

Don’t underestimate the power of a phone call. As RiTA warms up your old contacts through her SMS conversations, you will find that a phone call after a conversation is easier to make as these people would already have heard from you. It won’t be a cold call, and thanks to RiTA’s call lists, you will get through to them at the right time with the right conversation.

In case you don’t have time to make the follow up phone calls, we have a team of local, real estate trained operators who will handle this task for you and only send you hot leads.

Implement these three activities and you shall see good results from your old data. Remember, there is gold in your CRM. The more conversations you have, the more leads you get.